Earth2Point Oh! Eco-Friendly and Fair Shopping Group

Hello, friends and new patrons! Eco-Friendly and Fair Shopping Group is the new home of only now, we've branched into NEW shops full of sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for your everyday eco-friendly home, and sustainable gift-giving! 

~ A Woman-Owned Ethical Online Retailer since 2017

~ Checkout from any and ALL E2.Oh Shops in one cart

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SUPA Planet - STOP Using Plastic! AMiRight?! SHOP HERE

STOP Using Plastic! AMiRight?!  Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Home and Personal Care Alternatives - Jewelry, Bags, and Accessories - SHOP HERE Jewelry, Bags, and Accessories Made by Women, Family, and Community Artisan Entrepreneurs in... 

  • Jedando

    Jedando Hand-Carved Wooden Bowls - Servers - Safari-Party Play Sets - Painted Zebra and Giraffe Masks

    SHOP - Jedando 
  • Nobunto

    Nobunto Ethnic-Inspired Hand-Made Painted Candles from South Africa

  • Wild Woolies Birdhouses

    Weather-Resistant Felt Birdhouses in Whimsical Designs

    Wild Woolies Birdhouses 
  • Smolart Soapstone Sculpture

    Smolart Soapstone Sculpture and Board Games - Find the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

    *A 5 Woman-Owned Company in Kenya

    Smolart Soapstone 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Upcycled Steel Drum Art

    Trees of Life - Lovebirds - Owls - Gecko - Sea Life - Flowers - Standing Angels - Nativities - more...

    SHOP - Upcycled Steel Drum Art 
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