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Linda Kay’s Summer Faves

Linda Kay’s Summer Faves drawn from EVERY SWEET Shop! >>>

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Toys, Games & Fun Decor for ANY Kid of ANY Age!

  • Solid Dish Soap Sponge Scrubber Bundle-0

    The SUPA Eco-Friendly Home - Sustainable Household Cleaning and Personal Care

    The SUPA Eco-Friendly Home - Sustainable Household Cleaning and Personal Care 
  • SHOP Jedando...

    Jedando Hand-Carved Wooden Bowls ~ Servers ~ Safari-Party Play Sets ~ Painted Zebra and Giraffe Masks… Kenya

    SHOP Jedando... 
  • Smolart Soapstone Sculpture

    Smolart Soapstone Sculpture and Board Games - Find the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

    *Smolart is a 5 Woman-Owned Company in Kenya!

    SHOP Smolart Soapstone... 
  • Hand-Dipped and Painted Candles by Nobunto, South Africa

  • Indoor/Outdoor Upcycled Steel Drum Art

    Trees of Life - Lovebirds - Owls - Gecko - Sea Life - Flowers - Standing Angels - Nativities - more...

    SHOP Upcycled Steel Drum Artworks... 
  • Encantada Mexican Functional Artisan Pottery

    SHOP Encantada... 
  • Holiday Themed Upcycled Steel Drum Wall and Table Decor… Haiti

  • Ornaments! Ornaments! Ornaments!

  • Angel Themed Sculpture and Decor

  • Nativities ~ Nativity Playsets, Table, and Wall Decor

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Because We LIKE to Eat! Birdhouses ~ Tree & Garden Ornaments ~ Whimsical Felt Purses and Pouches!

All-Weather Whimsical Birdhouses ~ Tree & Garden Ornaments

Hang these hand-felted birdies and birdhouses anywhere! They are even durable enough... 

Whimsical & Nature-Themed Felt Bags & Pouches

Whimsical Felt Bags and Pouches that support women artisans, and their families... 

🤗“Welcome, fellow CSA Survivors, Partners, Loved Ones, Support Personnel, and SWEET Shoppers! I'm Linda Kay Gifford, founder/owner of The SWEET Eco-Fair Shopping Group for The SWEET Survivor Resource Fund.🦋I’m also a CSA Survivor; author of, "SELF TALK - My Continuing Efforts to Survive Childhood Sexual Grooming and Assault” and the “Survive in SPADES! Six Steps from Trigger to Happy!” Free LIVE CSA c-PTSD Workshops. Please follow the LINK to learn the what and whys of my mission…

More about SWEET Survivor’s mission…
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