Welcome! I am Linda Kay Gifford…

I'm Linda Kay Gifford, founder/owner of The SWEET Eco-Fair Shopping Group for The SWEET Survivor Resource Fund.

🦋 I’m also a CSA Survivor; author of, "SELF TALK - My Continuing Efforts to Survive Childhood Sexual Grooming and Assault” and the “Survive in SPADES! Six Steps from Trigger to Happy!” Free LIVE CSA c-PTSD Workshops.

🎥  I coach individually and in groups, online and in-person, and am an AVID advocacy speaker!
☎️ Message with questions, concerns, speaking and workshop requests.

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🦋 Your purchases support Women, Community, and Eco-Entrepreneurs and SWEET Survivor’s social advocacy and outreach programs. 
“Thank you for caring and joining me in my efforts to affect real change in the world!” Linda Kay💖