I am Linda Kay Gifford; founder, owner, Survivor, author "Surviving in SPADES CSA c-PTSD Workshops" Host

Welcome! I’m Linda Kay Giffordfounder and owner of FeelGoodFairTrade.com, The SWEET Survivor Rescue Fund, and NOW, The Earth2PointOh.com Eco-Friendly and Fair Shopping Group! 
   I've been an ethical online retailer of the 100% certified fair trade works of women and community-owned artisan entrepreneurs since 2017!  I am also a CSA Survivor, committed to the prevention of childhood sexual grooming and sexual assault, and all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation.
   Towards this end, I've written, “SELF TALK: My continuing efforts to survive childhood sexual grooming and assault”, developed the "Surviving in SPADES CSA c-PTSD Workshops: How to get from Trigger to Happy!”, recently founded The SWEET Survivor Rescue Fund {Survivors Will End Exploitation and Trafficking}, and am an avid speaker and advocate for personal and social change! (*Message or Call for engagements)
   Your purchases help to fund my social and institutional advocacy and workshop programs, as well as the women and community artisan entrepreneurs we purchase our small, unique collections from. From the depths of my heart, and that of those we support, Thank you!
Surviving in SPADES CSA c-PTSD Workshop and Advocacy Video Library @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-svYCHDHeqg3AT5b4iJdvA