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Linda Kay Gifford is an internationally awarded songwriter, singer, and flautist, as well as founder of SWEET Survivor and it’s supporting SWEET Shopping Group.


   Linda survived seven years of childhood sexual grooming and assault and, after a musical career that spans three decades, three sons, and includes openers with Willie Nelson in Maui, playing as a cameo member of Blue Cheer at the New Zealand Ironman Finishline Festival, hosting LIVE radio promotions for New Age Communications and The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, in Australia, and an International Bluegrass Music Award (IBMA) and Grammy Nomination as a songwriter on Del McCoury Band’s Award-Winning Best Album of the Year, “It’s Just the Night”, she took out the “notes” and began to write in earnest about her experience as an adult survivor of childhood sexual grooming and assault, one of the most egregious and destructive kinds of personal horrors a child - adolescent- teen could be forced to bear and remember.

  After decades of various therapy and research, she found that neurolinguistic programming was the key to personal discovery and change, and became a Neurolinguistic Practitioner (#NLP) herself, now specializing in #cPTSD and Relational Sexuality. She is currently prepping for the release of her first book, "SELF TALK: My Continuing Efforts to Survive Childhood Sexual Grooming and Assault” (with three more books in the pipeline!), and hosting two Video Podcasts


~ “Survive in SPADES! Six Steps from Trigger to Happy!” Free LIVE CSA cPTSD Workshops ~ A program she developed from her own triumph over a heart and life previously ruled by shame, fear of discovery, and cPTSD, and…


~ Those Nasty Women TALK! The Women’s Video Podcast for Men, too! Interact with Linda Kay, and take a broader dive into sexual and societal issues as a whole… socially, politically, nationally, historically, anthropologically, pissed-off-ed-ly…
ALL the “-lys”!    

   Recently, Joyce M. Short, fellow CSA and SA Survivor and founder of The Consent Awareness Network, #CAN, reached out to Linda, thanking her for her efforts with SWEET Survivor, and asked her to advocate for federal consent legislation. Linda said, “Hell, Yeah!” and is now embarking on her first public speaking adventure, presenting her Survive in S-P-A-D-E-S! Method and Call it Assault! Advocacy to Survivors, partners, and support personnel, as well as advocating for personal, societal, and legislative change.


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“Thank you for caring and joining me in my efforts to affect real change in the world!” Linda Kay Gifford