SWEET Shops (to date) ARE...

The SWEET Shopping Group is growing! We now include:

~ SUPAPlanet - STOP USING PLASTIC!... AMiRIGHT?! Sustainably Sourced Home, Lifestyle, Personal Care Products, and Gift Sets for You and Your Little Dog, too! Also, the BIG Dog.

~ SWEETSurvivor.com - Jewelry and Bag Collections in support of The SWEET Survivor Rescue Fund

~ LoveMyGender.com - Fun Gifts and Stuff - for “People” of ALL Ages and Persuasions!

~ BeesFeedUs.com - All-Weather Hand-felted Whimsical Birdhouses, Tree, and Garden Ornaments from Wild Woolies, Kathmandu

~ UpRiseInk.com - Coming Soon!… Custom Print Merchandise Promoting a SANE World... One we can all be ourselves in; a world without fear and hunger; a world WITH equal medical and educational opportunity, and the continuance of a habitable planet. That’s is ALL we ask, and we don’t think it’s asking too much.


“Love To You and Yours, and Them and Theirs,”

Linda Kay Gifford; CSA Survivor and NLP specializing in C-PTSD, Founder, Owner, Author, CAN Advocacy Speaker, IBMA Album of the Year Awarded, Grammy-Nominated Songwriter; Singer, and Flautist