2-5 Day Delivery of Products from Women Artisan Entrepreneurs and Rescued Survivors of Trafficking - NEW Merchandise Supporting The SWEET Survivor Rescue Fund!

SWEETSurvivor.com is Partnering with FeelGoodFairTrade.com TODAY! We will reopen tomorrow!

SWEETSurvivor.com is Partnering with FeelGoodFairTrade.com TODAY!

Hi! I am Linda Kay Gifford, founder and owner of FeelGoodFairTrade.com, and the Earth2Point-O Fundraising Family of Shops. Well, SURPRISE! I am also a Survivor of long-term sexual abuse.

Everything I have done, everything I have built, everything I have stood for and against - indeed - everything I am, now culminates in my grandest venture to date, and what will, going forward, be my life's focus and mission... I have founded The SWEET Survivor Rescue Fund! 

I'm excited to announce that, in honor of our 4th anniversary online, I am temporarily partnering the SWEET's new website with my online store! The new site will host:

*Links to YouTube for free lessons in everyday trigger management on my new channel,"Linda Kay Gifford - Managing Sexual Assault C- PTSD".

*Please help us grow by contributing to our new SWEET Resource Guide!

*Become a maiden member and join a discussion in our Facebook group, SWEET Survivors. Share stories, advice, and advocacy opportunities with other members!

*Become an angel contributor to our $5 (...or more; You choose!) a month subscription and receive my everyday trigger management e-guide,"How to Get from Trigger to Happy!"

*Read excerpts from my coming book,"SELF TALK - My continuing efforts to survive childhood sexual assault"

*Show your support for SWEET, and Pride in yours, or someone else's, strength and commitment to personal and societal change, with SWEET Survivor and I'm a SWEET Survivor merchandise, dedicated entirely to support The SWEET Survivor Rescue Fund - providing rescue transportation to victims of sexual assault and trafficking in immediate crisis!

I thank you for your continued support! Come back tomorrow and behold - SWEETSurvivor.com!

   Linda Kay Gifford, Founder/Director of SWEET 

*Note: Following it's introduction,  SWEETSurvivor.com will move to its own platform, and FeelGoodFairTrade.com will be refreshed for the coming Holidays! Till then, both URLs will take you to both shops!

{FeelGoodFairTrade.com products WILL still be available during the SWEETSurvivor.com introduction period! I just want to give SWEET a grand roll-out on our existing platform before I push her out of the nest on her own!}